Most of my work is residential, but from time to time I am asked to do a commerical project.   Here are two: The Albion River Campground Store,  Albion, Ca., 1998,  and  Frankie’s Ice Cream Parlor, Mendocino, Ca., 2004.
—  Commercial Projects  —
A 910 square foot store & cafe with a 250 square foot porch; holding up well after 10 years in the salt air. The building is situated on difficult ground & has a geotextile mat under its foundation. Many happy vacation memories are made right here ...
Interior:   “The Flats Cafe” tables are cleared away for the winter, and the low sun of December floods through the south windows. Lucky the citizen who sees the winter view.
— Frankie’s Ice Cream Parlor — —The Store in Winter —
Every town needs an Ice Cream Parlor, where a small sum will buy happiness.  It may be temporary happiness,  but you can come back tomorrow too.
The construction of  an ice cream parlor in this historic Mendocino building needed a diplomatic hand to deal with the many regulations that apply to a food establishment. Commercial sinks, refrigeraors, drains and flooring required intricate, specific planning and approvals.
Everyone was pleased; the store opened, and it has proved a successful business through two ownerships, and four years, and shows every sign of continuing.
Frankie’s is quite the social place, with birthday parties and live music.
A nice touch is the painted wood floor with its worn-in traffic patterns. You cannot specify those details at the start.
  What flavor would you like?   One scoop?   Or two?
  Sunlit, south facing seating area.
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Joe Ødegård, Architect