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          I have been a registered Architect in California since 1993.  I specialize in designs that are timeless, durable and sensible for the planet.  I will design for you a building that you will be able to enjoy now, and pass on to future generations.  To see my work, and learn more about my approach to building, I invite you to click on the topics on the left of this page.  I hope you find the information useful. Thanks for visiting.
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    My business partner Anna Birkas and I have launched Sustain Local Mendocino, a directory of sustainable businesses and organizations in Mendocino County. We are actively seeking new members. Details are on the Join Page of the Sustain Local Mendocino website.
Joe Ødegard, Architect
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          I studied with some of the solar pioneers during the 1970s while I was in architecture school. You will see numerous web pages on my site having to do with solar energy. Although there has not been much demand for solar design for about 2 decades, times change and there is more interest now. I would encourage anyone thinking of building in the 21st century to seriously consider incorporating as much solar technology into their new building as possible. Solar energy helps moderate climate change and it eases dependence on imported oil. Feel free to contact me with your questions regarding this reliable and inexhaustable power source.
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