Solar Site Consultations
    Joe Odegård has been designing sustainable and solar buildings since 1981.
       A “Sunpath” is a whole sky photogaph showing the path of the sun for every day of the year.
    A Sunpath is an essential tool for any new or retrofit solar project. How much sun will shine on your project?   A “Sunpath” will show you exactly. Click this box to get more information on how to use a Sunpath diagram.
Decide precisely where to locate skylights & windows, even in existing buildings.
Show when the sun will shine through any window, any hour of any day.
Going Solar?
Do you have a suitable site?
     I will photograph the whole sky at your project, and use the PG&E Sunpath program to trace on the photo the path of the sun for every day of the year. From this Sunpath diagram you can tell whether you have a good “solar” location, and if not, how you can improve the solar aspects of your site.
            A basic Solar Site Analysis includes a visit to your site, up to 10 Sunpath images at site locations of your chosing (marked with flags), print-outs of the Supaths on full pages with comments, and digital images in JPEG format on a CD. As an extra, you may also have panoramic photographs taken at the best Sunpath locations. The price for the basic service at your site in Mendocino County is from $300 to $500, depending on driving distance.
A professional service of Joe Ødegård, Architect
   $300 - $500 in Mendocino County
Do a Solar Site Analysis with “Sunpath”
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